About Us

We are Alan and Sue Fisher. Originally from the UK we emigrated to the USA in 2001 and lived for almost 20 years in California.

Missing the British weather but wanting to stay in the USA we decided to sell up our beautiful house in the suburbs of LA and head off to find a plot of land to live our second act on. Several months and thousands of miles on the odometer we discovered the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois. It immediately reminded us of Cornwall in the UK, where Sue is from, and so we stopped there.

Now, living on just under ten acres of mostly brambles, we are in the process of discovering our new home, growing our own food, making great friends and, of course, learning to live with the wildlife.

Overheard on our land

No, you WANT the black snakes, they eat the other ones that can kill you. – Frankie

I swear the ticks fell out of the trees down my shirt. – John Simpson

The deer won’t come this close to the house, will they? – Sue

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