It’s Concrete….

So our kitchen remains a work in progress, we recently bought a lovely new sink and a cupboard to go beneath it but we were quoted the best part of $5k for countertops and we would need to have the complete redesign of our kitchen done as they would all need to be fitted at the same time (incidentally you only qualify for any kind of discount on countertops if you are spending $10k or over).

Super Suzie was very keen on the idea of concrete countertops and had me watch a good few YouTube videos but I remained skeptical as I always tend to be with things we have never done before. What it always seems to come down to though is me saying that as long as we have absolutely everything we need to do the job (whatever it may be) I will give it a go.

Last weekend we made a start, mistakes were made and lessons were learnt but we have our first countertop done, we are calling it “rustic”. I am now confident that our second one will be a lot neater and having by then done two we will tackle the one for the sink.

Blimey that melamine is damn heavy!
I cannot be trusted with the power tools.
We made the sides for the mold from some trim we had laying about in the garage.
Somebody (me) cut too much off of the silicone spout.
The guys on YouTube had beautiful thin lines of sealant.
Also damn heavy!
The cement is in, it took both of us to mix and then lift it in the bucket so we have no photos of the mixing or pouring – sorry.
Chickens – no help at all!
Tap the edges to get all of the bubbles, important stage this. This will actually be the underneath of the countertop, we needed to take it out of the mold and flip it over. Again, no photos of these stages because we both needed to do the removal and the flipping.
Today we sealed it with food grade sealant – wax on, wax off.
There you have it, best not to look too close!
In other news Suze made enchilada sauce and had a double yoke egg (poached) for her lunch.

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