eggs R us

Things have been somewhat busy on the old homestead of late particularly outdoors for me as Suzie got a new job but is currently working from home which means she is in her office eight hours a day.

The news that’s fit to print right now though is that our chickens have started laying and fresh eggs are just the bestest thing ever.

We have started letting them out of their coop for most of the day, which they really seem to like, they have done for what’s left of our peppers though (below).
Not all eggs are created equal!
The Brown Isa’s lay pretty big eggs but we think the mega large ones are our grey chickens – whatever breed they are…?
Double yolkers are very cool.
This is “Babs” our only chicken that seems to actually like us and my favorite because of that.
We did not want a rooster but count ourselves lucky that we only got the one. He is spectacular looking but superfluous to requirements and is for the pot if he does not stop attacking Suzie. We did not want any Polish chickens and were not supposed to have bought any so thank you Rural King.
We have been getting eggs for about three weeks now and so far 29 is the most we have gotten in a week but we might be on to break that record this week! Plenty to share for sure.

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