How does your (veg) garden grow…

OK here’s our early June garden update, so far everything seems to be doing well (the Sunflowers did not germinate though and the French Beans seem rather reluctant). We have started the anti critter trench but so far the motion activated lights seem to be working, a few weeks ago I saw a couple of them come on and then saw the silhouette of a rabbit running away. Mack is doing his bit too.

View from the gate: Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and in the second bed from the right, potatoes (three varieties of fingerling and a main crop) and sweet potatoes. In the next bed, tomatoes (two varieties) where the posts are and we have a strawberry bed and peas along the opposite fence.
First bed from the gate, Suzie planted sesame seeds, peanuts and zucchini/courgette today. This is the bed with the (so far) no show french beans and pak choi which is doing great.
Brassica bed.
Strawberries – we are already eating them and they are delicious! And at the end two varieties of cucumber, one salad and one for pickles.
One of several bowls of strawbs we have harvested. Suzie made yoghurt too which may be combined at some point.
Sugar snap peas, will soon be up the fence.
Sweet potatoes growing for the first time.
Asparagus, these will need a year or three before we can harvest.
Why can we not develop foods that grow as well as weeds? This is Suzie’s umpteenth bucket full.
Our sweetcorn has germinated, if you look closely.
The critter proofing on the outside of the garden has begun, stay tuned.

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