The Buzz for the Cluck

Suzie put down a deposit on a nuc (short for nucleus, a queen and starter pack basically) of Bees quite a few months ago but we got the call this week that they were ready for pick up. We knew we wanted them up by the pond but needed to do some clearing first.

We did realize after a while that this was not the side we wanted to have the Bees on and it was tiring work so we moved on.
Honeysuckle might be pretty when it flowers but MAN is it invasive!
The side where we did want the Bees.
Leedle-Houme Bees in the fantastically named “Mulkeytown” (about an hour from us – the furthest we’ve been for quite a while).
Good to know!
Very useful onsite demo.
The Bee House.
Our nuc, can anyone hear buzzing?
Suzie’s Beehive, painted and ready to go.
Suzie’s Hazmat suit.
Suze is keeping them supplied with sugar water but they are already flying around and seem to be getting accustomed to their new surroundings.

So we finally have our “Buzz” and the “Cluck” is doing pretty well too. In the few weeks we have had them they have about doubled in size and are feathering up nicely. We have 10 again temporarily as one of our neighbors Chickens had Chicks before they were quite ready for them. It was pretty funny actually, one of the new Chicks made so much noise at first that all of ours cowered at the back of the box we put in there for them, seemingly terrified. All is harmonious now though.

Also, just because I’m writing this one….Amazon are now shipping Cats!

Not sure all of the bubblewrap was necessary.

2 thoughts on “The Buzz for the Cluck

  1. We also had bees this weekend by the Chimney. Unfortunately we had to ask them to leave. All is well here – we are both still safe at home and all the nuts are protesting because the beaches are closed – I guess this way they will all have tans when they get sick…


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