Building Stuff!

We have been busy! The mornings when it was only 37 degrees weren’t much fun but we persevered.

We still need to support the gates but do not have the wood and cannot get any right now.

We have now about 98% built our Deer/Rabbit proof vegetable garden, next month we need to dig the beds and plant out everything. The cages in the photo above are protecting two apple trees Suze bought.

Starting, please note how clean our garden tools look.
I think we put in five posts the first day.
Top and bottom supports.
Suzie made some cracking gates!
This is after I cleaned them a bit.

Next up protecting livestock (the Chickens we will be getting) from predators. A while ago when we were going to use different posts some numpty bought a bent one – but Suzie likes it.

We still need to add an apron across the bottom, finish the roof and put in a divider for the meat birds.
We have not been quite as meticulous as we were with the vegetable garden!

2 thoughts on “Building Stuff!

  1. I hope you buried the fencing at least 10″ in the ground, or critters will dig under. Also, I’ve had adult rabbits go through a 2″x2″ square hole at the bottom of my gate. Couldn’t believe it until I saw one do it. She’d already made a nest in the garlic, so I knew one had found a way in. Had to search and search & finally saw a bit of fur, so set up the critter camera!


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