On the Fence

So, with a few dry(ish) days behind us and the ground not actually being frozen solid for a change, we decided to get on with starting the fencing of our vegetable garden.

Fencing is very necessary here, due to the abundance of wild deer. As pretty as they look, they are death to production in a vegetable/fruit garden. When we first moved here, they were all over the place. Then hunting season started and they all but disappeared. Thinking the hunters had culled the population, I felt a bit bad because they really are lovely animals to watch in the morning with a cup of coffee on the patio, but it turns out I didn’t need to worry. They weren’t gone, merely in hiding. The very last day of the season we started to see them again. I have no idea how they know, but they do. Our neighbor saw five of them on our land a couple of weeks ago. I have found tracks (and poop!) right down by the house where I have never seen them before so a fence is essential.

After doing a lot of research we decided on the following plan, a six foot high fence which can be added to if necessary, no electric fence yet. But if I see one deer looking at our vegetables and licking its lips, extra steps will be taken.

Look at all the tools we used!

The day before, we had done our best to peg out where we wanted the final posts. We are completely inexperienced so of course, we made some mistakes but eventually came up with posts spaced eight feet apart to total 40′ x 40′. We have the space to put in more areas this size if needed next year. It is nice to have a lot of space! After a quick Google search we discovered that about a third of the post needs to be buried so that meant our holes needed to be two feet deep. Easy.

Two feet of clay!

So the first six to eight inches was easy, then we hit the clay. Oh, how we hit the clay. I was tempted to start a pottery. And it’s wet too, wet, sticky, claggy clay. It stuck to everything. EVERYTHING! In the end we spent more time scraping clay off various tools and our boots than anything else.

Gate posts in!

Eventually we figured out a method and got the first two posts in, see the breeze block boot scraper? This is where the gates will go. I have to make them first.

We are old, so we knew we wouldn’t be able to do all the posts in one day. I have a bad back, Al has a bad neck, we just do what we can and stop when we have to. We are not the fastest, most accurate workers but we plod along and we get there in the end.

One day’s progress.

This is our progress after the first day. And it wasn’t all day, but the clay got the better of our old bones and we stopped for lunch. Of course, when you do stop, you realize just how much pain you are in and that’s it for the day. Even so, we are very proud of our progress. Six posts in a (mostly) straight line, only another another 14 to go. Of course it rained last night, so we will have to wait for a couple of days before we start again. Not a bad idea, give our bodies time to recover!

2 thoughts on “On the Fence

  1. Looking good! I have found in the Daylily Garden that I work a while, I rest a while, I rest a while, I rest a while then I work a while. You will get it done eventually!


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