Finally getting some Bzz

After what has seemed like a very long time, we are very excited to start our bee-keeping journey. Can’t have a serious homestead without bees, right? I have a nice space picked out for them up by the pond, somewhat sheltered by trees and wild honeysuckle but a nice clear route down to our proposed vegetable garden. I will plant some enticing flowers in a “bee corridor” down to where I really want them, pollinating my fruit and vegetables.

It’s way too cold for establishing a colony just yet so all I can do is read up about bee-keeping and of course get the hive built.

I ordered this one from Galena Farms, via Amazon:

It was really reasonably priced and looked good to me. Came on time, packaged brilliantly and I spent a happy , if cold, morning assembling it. Can’t wait to get it in place.

I still need to order a spacesuit, but will wait for that until a little nearer the time. Enjoy the pics!

Wax coated frames

2 thoughts on “Finally getting some Bzz

  1. My friend David has been an apiarist for years. Sally wanted some wax for her crafting ( it’s about £2 for a stick the size of a packet of chewing gum! ).He said he’d find done for her…and dropped off 3kg!  She won’t need and more for years!!Do you know which variety of bees you are planning to keep yet?Apparently there’s quite a few .. and they all have different characters/temperaments.  🥳Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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