Boxing Day

Once again this year I was reminded that Boxing Day is just not a thing in America. Our neighbor suggested to me that I contact the South Eastern Illinois Electric Co-op about the trees in our front yard that were on the way to interfering with the electricity cable running to our house and last week or the week before they came out to have a look. I was thinking they’d be back early in the new year but nope….Boxing Day, bright and early!

Suze, me, both dogs and the cat went for a walk around our property.
They arrive with all of the kit they need, three man crew.
First tree gets a few of the lower branches chainsawed off and then it’s into the wood chipper for it.
It’s a real shame because it was a big un.

When the guy came out to look I asked him about the big mostly dead Fir tree in the front that was on a serious lean toward the cable and he said they’d take it down for us but would not clear away the branches, fair enough. We were quoted $2k to take down the big dead Fir tree and one other by a private contractor.

I didn’t get photos of them taking down the second Pine but that one was done much more strategically as it was really near the cable. All of the branches were removed, it was roped and taken down in the direction of the road, then wood-chipped in the second chipper they brought.

First, off come all of the branches.
Section by section….
It comes down!
We asked that they leave us about 8-9ft of the trunk as we have plans for it.
The sections of trunk we are thinking we will roll to the side, bore holes into it and plant mushrooms. Today we will go buy a chainsaw for the rest of it.

Not only that but our neighbor Frank came and took down that bloody, bloody basketball net! How much better does that look?!

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