Bird o’clock!

Suze and I would quite often sit outside of a morning and evening when we lived in California and we always loved to listen to the birdsong, we used to call it “Bird o’clock”.

Blimey though, yesterday WOW! it really was Bird o’clock! We were unindated with European Starlings by the thousand it seemed like. I did ask our loveliest neighbors what they were but when Suzie got home she teased me for not recognizing a Starling when I saw and heard one as they are everywhere in England – in my defence though it’s not like I saw any of them up close….but I should perhaps have recognized their song.

Presumably they are all off to warmer climes, I doubt very much they were just getting here.

Hitchcock’s The Birds anyone?
Loads more across the road at our neighbors.
Oh boy, where to start….?

One thought on “Bird o’clock!

  1. These large flocks of migrating starlings are called “murmurations” probably because of the noise they make as they fly their magnificent formations.


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