The Last Catpost…?

So this in in real danger of becoming a blog about Cats and I’m sure the internet has enough of those! Mack is putting on weight nicely and seems to be getting the hang of his litter tray (thank the stars). Being softy ex-Californians we have of course bought him a collar (with a dickie bow) and a name tag. I get that the tag is supposed to be a Fish but it just looks like a mini submarine to me – the watercraft not the sandwich.

My name is Mack!
Submarine, right?

Obviously I know what a Tabby Cat is but a “Mackerel Tabby” was a new one on me, they must be pretty common though as most Catfood suppliers have photographs of them on their packaging it seems.

For a recently stray Cat he is certainly hungry most of the time it seems.

Action shot!

4 thoughts on “The Last Catpost…?

  1. Well, I for one, can never get too many cat posts! His nametag looks like the “Yellow Submarine” from the Beatles!


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