It’s Curtains…..

We wanted to finish decorating inside before Christmas as the previous tenants had made some rather odd color choices, it being so wet of late and with Suzie out at work I got stuck in. Again against all expectations I actually enjoyed it, Suze has always done the decorating in the past, apart from when we were getting Esterbrook ready to sell and I did not like that at all – mostly because Will who was supposed to be helping kept writing his name on the walls and we were all on covering it up each time. I swear in the right light you can probably still see it….although I do know the people who bought it repainted in a somewhat darker shade so maybe not .

Our Bedroom, Suzie was right the curtains do make a room look finished. I did have to watch a few videos about “cutting in” I must admit.
Suzie’s office we know about, but now with added curtains.
Vestibule, before….
….and after.
We did get one dry day to get outside and do some more weeding.
Panini was getting these damn things really stuck in her fur so they had to go!

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