Turns out Southern Illinois is even more like England than we thought as we have been having a frosty snap. When the weather brightens again I will take photos of how red some of the trees are going, it really is beautiful here.

Suze bravely ventured out to take these one morning.
Panini for one loves to be outside, here she is telling me all about it.
We bought boots, Suzie wore hers to work today – no news yet on whether or not she had to defrost the windscreen first.
I have my own lane – unsure what it really stands for.

4 thoughts on “Frosty

  1. Eyup mate, for some reason I can’t reply to your message, I don’t know what’s changed. The frost isn’t too bad. Over here South Yorkshire is flooded, last night people were stranded all Over, people had to sleep over night in Meadowhall, young kids that went to see Meadowhall lights turned on were stuck all over as all public transport was cancelled, the dearne and the don burst their banks. Let’s see what today brings x


    1. Hello, that’s odd an annoying isn’t it? Blimey flooding’s not good but conversely Will and Amanda were evacuated due to the wildfires in LA – I miss Will but not those! PS, I have What’sApp now for our Aunty Carol – are you on that?


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