FINALLY! We got rid of that bloody, bloody doghouse out back! I figured it’d be a really noisy demo job so I decided to do it when Suze was out. Alas though, I had to unscrew all of the bolt/screws that were in the metal plating and move the (rotten) wooden frame around the back of the shed.

More than once I wished I’d never started but we are both glad to be rid of it, what an eyesore! I really want rid of the Basketball Net too but that’s concreted in so who knows when we’ll get to that….we can buy Dynamite in stores here mind you.

No blue skies, the dogs and me were out in the rain – it had to go!
Doghouse and Basketball net (oh and some bloke).
Some but not all of the plating.
Just Grrrrr…..

In other news we are on a “Freeze Alert” for tonight, who knew that was a thing?! Suze went out and harvested our Mint, Parsley and what Tomatoes were left on the Vine – the Tomato plants did particularly well.

Can you tell where we parked the Van?

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