Well California is on fire but we have been having a pretty big rainstorm and have been under a flood warning. So it seemed like a good day to get on with some more decorating. Suzie’s back was a bit choice so I spent yesterday taking far too long to paint her office – fair enough really as she painted mine.

It looked like the room had been for a girl but what girl would want a room this color?!

What color would you call this exactly? Something in the poop range…
To be fair it was also being used for eBay stuff.

I was reminded of an article I read a (very) long time ago that said the type of men you needed to win a civilization were not the ones you wanted living in it. Which is why a lot of husbands can be found most weekends painting the back bedrooms of the nation.

I’m color blind so the walls in the photos still look kinda brownish to me but they are now a dusky pink.
We moved out all of the eBay junk too.
The rainstorm blew free a few leaves!
It’s definitely Fall.

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