Clearing the Land, ongoing…

So I’m a poster boy?

The truly brilliant Suzie went out and got a job! It all but covers our overheads and – most importantly – gives us medical and dental.

Which makes me a kept man FINALLY! Against everyone’s expectations including my own I love working outdoors but it has taken me a good while to clear behind the Potting Shed, it sounded easy enough when Suze mentioned it – a Canoe, really?!

Easy, right?
Perhaps if our Pond gets a bit deeper…
Why’d I put them there? I am only going to have to move ’em somewhere else now.
We did find a Lawn Sweeper the previous owners left which works great!
How much Barbed Wire does a Homestead need? None if you ask me! All of it was behind the Potting Shed.
I did take time out to go clear this sign in the Shawnee Forest next door, I wanted people to be able to see the “Visitors Welcome”.

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