$25 Composter

One thing has become very clear, there is a lot of compostable materials here on our homestead. We are constantly mowing, growing and weeding and what do you do with it all? Plus at some point there will be chicken poop to deal with, maybe even goat poop! Our trash service does not have green waste (or recycling) so we have to figure out another method to get rid of waste. I’m saving anything I think I can use in the future, glass bottles, egg cartons, yoghurt pots etc and we decided to build a composter to at least cope with the tea bag waste.

Anyone who know us knows that we don’t know how to build anything. I once made a planter box and ended up using duct tape to keep it together. I’m not kidding. Anyone who knows us also knows that we will have a go at making anything. So with duct tape at the ready we set out to build a compost bin.

There is a place in Carbondale, IL that sells old pallets for $2.50 each. Sounded like a good place to start, so we picked up 10 and headed home. Using pallets and rusty old fence posts that were just lying around the homestead, we figured out a very rough plan, my favorite kind and made this.

First I cleared the area
Fence posts through the pallets
Getting there
Manly action shot
Cardboard floor which will eventually rot
First lot of teabags

Very sweaty work

So if it rains a lot we might have to cover it up and the front pallets aren’t secured because I’m not sure how or if we need to. We will see how it goes.

Time to use another teabag.

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