Kitchen update

We have been so lucky to find a decent contractor. It wasn’t easy – a lot of calls went unanswered, we got one guy out who told us he couldn’t provide a price for at least two weeks. It turned into about three but by then we had John and Bobby tearing stuff out.

I am pleased to announce our stinky kitchen is no more! The rotten carpet and subfloor are gone and so are the old, old cabinets. That smell of musty wood is a thing of the past.

In its place is a brand new subfloor, new drywall, new ceiling and a wonderful smell of new wood and possibilities. I mean, we can’t afford cabinets, a new stove, dishwasher etc but at least we are getting there.

Al cooking in our dining room

Kitchen in the dining room
New walls

One thought on “Kitchen update

  1. That looks so much better already! The rest will come in time. At least you can go in there now without holding your nose!!


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