Time to explore

With Al being busy with work, I decided it was time to really explore our back yard. I recognize some trees, shrubs, and wildflowers (aka weeds) but some are a mystery to me. So armed with a bucket and gloves to pick up any trash I find about the place, I set off with the dogs, in the beginning, to really look at what we have.

This is the view from the treehouse, in the background where that cluster of trees are (on the left) is the pond. The brush is waist height, although it doesn’t look it in this picture, so just too prickly to negotiate.

Lane leading into the forest

My potting shed
Black eyed Susan I think

Lotsa hosta

Red buckeye (Conker to U.K. peeps)


Trillium I think


There really is a tremendous amount to do but I’m beginning to see the potential.

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