The Cheese and Onion Machine

Today was an exciting day. Since we first saw our new homestead it has been overgrown both with grass and wild blackberries which make parts of the property almost impassable. We always knew we would need a ride on mower – 10 acres is a lot to push a standard mower around – but choosing one has been difficult. Mainly because we have never owned a ride on mower but also because we are suffering a bit from decision fatigue. So many decisions to make that sometimes we totally fail to make any. In the end in choosing a mower we went for a good name and a medium price. Not the cheapest model but not the top one either. I also like that it looks like a little tractor.

After the first one being delivered with a flat battery and a missing bolt, the second one arrived and the very nice delivery guy gave us a quick tutorial. Luckily he has the same model himself so I took advantage of the expert.

It was fun until I ran out of gas. Job for tomorrow I think! This will be my life now.

Our first Sunday lunch

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