Living the dream (scarcasm)

After two nights in our new home it was time to turn around and leave again. We had booked tickets to visit our lovely family in Cornwall – it’s always a joy to be with people who love you. So almost 2000 miles back to LA then 5000 miles to Cornwall then 5000 miles back to LA, load up with some belongings and 2,000 miles back to Illinois. We are officially worn out!

One of the first things we did was pull up the carpet from the kitchen – carpet in kitchen…why? Unfortunately, underneath was even worse than the carpet.

So the sub floor needs to come up, issues need to be addressed and then we can start on putting in a new kitchen. In the meantime cooking in this kitchen is depressing as all hell.

As this is a job for a contractor we need to wait to get someone in to deal with it. In the meantime we got on with cleaning and painting Al’s office. Painting I can do!

So dust and dirt everywhere, flies everywhere and we still have no bed. Oh, and the washing machine wouldn’t fit into the laundry room. Sigh…

On the plus side we did manage to buy a fridge and get the utilities set up including internet! You can put up with a lot if you can still watch Gardeners World on Prime. we also found our nearest grocery store and a fab cinema with the most comfy seats ever! We also found our local beach, Lake Glendale. Al is looking forward to swimming here, it’s only a couple of miles away and on a warm and humid day I expect I might have a paddle too.

Next week we are hoping to get a mower and start cutting the lawn! It’s getting very shaggy! It’s not a great picture but that is a deer in our back yard!

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