Packing the van

A few people have asked us about sleeping in the van so I thought we would show you how it works for us. Al takes the opportunity to tidy up and reorganize every time we have dry weather and an hour or two to spare. He spent a very happy three hours or so today doing it all again. It will need doing again after the next bout of rain. Something for him to look forward to!

Bungee stuff to sides and use a cargo net for the roof
Storage totes full of essentials – labeled
For bed mode, put plywood on top of totes
Mattress is 2 pieces of 4″ foam
For couch set up push all totes back, foam on back and seat
Couch set up
Bung other stuff in

Dog crates secured with bungees

You can also see Al’s backpack on the passenger seat and the first aid kit hanging on one of several stick on hooks. We have leashes on hooks too and coats etc. it’s not perfect but it works for us.

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