More road

After a freezing night in New Mexico, literally, it was 1 degree! We threw everything into the van and took off as soon as possible in search of coffee. The landscape of NM is truly stunning but harsh and I can’t see how anyone could live off the land there. I am sure they do but it’s not for us.

On to Texas – the land of cows! Tons of cows everywhere! It’s the first time really seeing animals outside, too hot I expect.

Texas was greener than I expected, these watering devices were everywhere and signs for hay sales, probably to feed all the cows.

Stayed overnight in an RV park, it had a pool so Al had a swim! Got a rainy nights sleep which was very relaxing but made the van seem seem so much smaller. Not being able to put anything outside, not even wet swim towels (Al!) was another challenge. Again took off in the morning for the long road ahead. Our life is nothing but the 40 now.

You know you’re in Texas when…

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