First couple of days

Following a final pizza courtesy of Will, we did some last minute chores in Santa Clarita and then set off around 10:30.

Driving through LA was as congested as ever and it felt great to be out on the open road. And boy is the road east open! Open and windy! You could watch a dog walk away for a week.

First night was spent at a lovely campsite, but we were tired and grumpy and lay down for a rest at 8pm. Woke up at 10pm and it was freezing! All 4 of us needed to pee so hopped out of the van to a sparklingly clear night. It was bracing.

The next morning we realized we had everything in the van configured wrongly, couldn’t find the coffee pot or my mug (still haven’t found my mug – we are sharing Al’s). So everything came out and we started again. It works much better now, video to come!

Second day of driving we stopped at Flagstaff, Arizona to have a lovely walk at Buffalo Park. It was great to actually move our legs, the pups enjoyed it too.

Leaving Arizona the scenery changed pretty quickly to the red earth of New Mexico, absolutely amazing rock formations all along the freeway. Spending tonight in what might be the windiest truck stop ever. But it’s Sunday and that means Game of Thrones! I love having a mobile hotspot!

Here are some pics…

One thought on “First couple of days

  1. Lovely to see and hear from you. I saw this morning that you’d manage to reach New Mexico. Keep on trucking!! 👍


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