What are we doing?!

It’s a question I have asked several times throughout this process. We found ourselves middle-aged and bogged down with a massive mortgage in the suburbs of Los Angeles. A beautiful house, yes, but having to work non-stop to pay for it, knowing that we would be retired before the house was paid off. Then we would have to sell it to retire. This lovely house would never, ever, belong to us totally.

It’s not what we wanted so we put the house up for sale and started planning our next chapter.

We knew what we wanted – a few acres to grow food, raise bees and chickens, a small place to live in a nice friendly town. But not having family in the USA we had no connections to anywhere. So, with no idea of where we were looking to go we decided we needed to do a road trip. After a lot of discussion we decided to buy a van and take off.

Doing my best…growing where I can.


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